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Saturday, February 27, 2010


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You'll get drunk when you drink beer.? Are you sure? The 'VIRGIN' beer.

Beer is the world's oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage and the third most popular drink overall after water and tea.

The basic ingredients of beer are water; a starch source, such as malted barley, able to be fermented (converted into alcohol); a brewer's yeast to produce the fermentation; and a flavouring such as hops.

Beer is categorised into two main types based on the temperature of the brewing which influences the behaviour of yeast used during the brewing process—lagers, which are brewed at a low temperature, and the more regionally distinct ales, brewed at a higher temperature. Ales are further categorised into other varieties such as pale ale, stout and brown ale.

Beer is largely consumed during festivals, parties, events or just when hanging out with friends or watching games ; fun times.

Islam prohibits the consumption of intoxicants in any quantities. However, there is disagreement among the scholars of Islam about the consumption of non-alcoholic beer.

Low-alcohol beer (also called non-alcoholic or NA beer, small beer, small ale, or near-beer) is beer with very low or no alcohol content. Most low-alcohol beers are lagers, but there are some low-alcohol ales.
There are few types of these beer which is made from Islamic countries. For instance, Almaza Brewery, from Lebanon and Al Ahram Brewery, from Egypt.

Is this one of the ways of 'them' trying to mislead our aqida? Wow. They really go to that extent? Impressive.

source: Wikipedia.org

Thursday, February 25, 2010

World's Best Selling Toy.

Rubiks Cube. The world's best selling toy. As of January 2009, 350 million cubes have been sold worldwide. It is a 3x3x3 cube with 6 sides of 6 colours usually red, white, blue, yellow, green and orange (but now, there are tons of designs, cartoons, etc). It was invented on 1974 by Ernő Rubik but not until 1980, when the cube was licesed by Rubiks, and later, won he German Game of the Year special award for Best Puzzle that year also. This year, 3x3x3 Rubiks Cube (previously known as Magic Cube) will be celebrating its 30th anniversary.

There are few ways to solve the 3x3x3 Rubiks Cube. First, involves solving the Cube layer by layer, in which one layer (designated the top) is solved first, followed by the middle layer, and then the final and bottom layer. There is also ''centre first'' and etc. In 2008, Tomas Rokicki hypothesised that the number of moves needed to solve the Rubik's Cube, given an ideal algorithm, is 22 moves! The most common way to solve Rubiks Cube was developed by Jessica Fridrich, which is similar to layer-to layer method but include the use of algorithms (which I used myself to solve Rubiks cube, as this is probably the easiest method of it. haha.)  

The current world record is held by Erik Akkersdjik, 7:08 seconds at the Czech Open 2008. 
Tons of variations of Rubiks Cube were developed such as 7x7x7, 2x2x2, 5x5x5 etc. Rubiks cube can also be simulated using software to create impractical ones, such as 1000x1000x1000, 10000000x10000000x10000000, haha. 


        Master Pyramorphix


Thats all for now. 


Ahaha. Kudos to everyone, for opening a blog, just for MGT300. Some who just dont want to have a blog, dont need to have a blog, just must have a blog, because to excel and score for the subject MGT300.

* my official first 'educational' post would be on 'Rubiks Cube' .

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


New blog? What it is for?

As i wrote on the header, 'For educational purposes.'

This particular blog is for my assignment on MGT300. I guess , since I already have 1 blog, its no big deal of having another one. But then, if Im too focus on this blog, Ill forget about my first blog! :D <-- this is a link to my blog. :) .. Ill try not to.. haha..

maybe there will be some redundancy on the posts, because of writers block.. haha. Maybe Ill just post on this blog of the same topic i posted on my first blog.. it maybe about the same topic, but not the same content.
owh, this blog will be fullywritten in English Language, and probably, this blog will be deleted by the end of this semester. :D haha. One more thing, Im forbided to post on 'sensitive issues' of anykind, in anysense.

*haha. btw, this url is from my name. M O H A M E D F A R H A N . TRY TO PUT FARHAN IN BETWEEN OF MOHAMED. = M F O A H R A H M A E N D.  :)