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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


New blog? What it is for?

As i wrote on the header, 'For educational purposes.'

This particular blog is for my assignment on MGT300. I guess , since I already have 1 blog, its no big deal of having another one. But then, if Im too focus on this blog, Ill forget about my first blog! :D <-- this is a link to my blog. :) .. Ill try not to.. haha..

maybe there will be some redundancy on the posts, because of writers block.. haha. Maybe Ill just post on this blog of the same topic i posted on my first blog.. it maybe about the same topic, but not the same content.
owh, this blog will be fullywritten in English Language, and probably, this blog will be deleted by the end of this semester. :D haha. One more thing, Im forbided to post on 'sensitive issues' of anykind, in anysense.

*haha. btw, this url is from my name. M O H A M E D F A R H A N . TRY TO PUT FARHAN IN BETWEEN OF MOHAMED. = M F O A H R A H M A E N D.  :)

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